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EasyReadTools 6"/150 mm Wireless Precision Caliper and Remote Easy-to-Read Display Unit

The EasyReadTools Wireless Caliper system includes:

  • a precision Caliper with a its own battery-powered digital display and a wireless Transmitter unit

  • an easy-to-read, high-contrast, battery-powered Display Unit that wirelessly echos the measurement results from the Caliper

  • a protective storage case (not shown) for the precision Caliper

EasyReadTools Caliper and Display Unit

The wireless Transmitter on the back of the Caliper communicates with an EasyRead Display Unit and echos the precision measurements displayed on the Caliper. The Display Unit has an easy-to-read, large, high-contrast LCD display. Locate the battery-power display station in any convenient location that best suits your needs, up to 20 feet (6 meters) away from the Caliper. The Display Unit even includes a powerful magnetic back plate to attach the unit to your favorite metal equipment or surface.

The Caliper is a precision measurement tool with accuracy of ±0.001 inches (±0.024 mm). The EasyReadTools Caliper functions exactly like any other quality precision caliper but with the added capabilities and freedom of the EasyReadTools Transmitter located on the backside of the unit.



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